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Chinese Herbs Flower Essences

Chinese medicine focuses on finding the cause of disease, not just treating the symptoms. We offer safe and effective herbal formulas to target imbalances in each person. Herbs help harmonize the body mind and spirit to attain optimal health.

Liquid extracts derived from wild flowers help transform negative attitudes into positive outlooks. These herbal tinctures subtly balance the spiritual realm in people, animals and even plants.

Herbs & Teas Vitamins & Supplements

Herbal tinctures and teas can safely help relieve the most common complaints like the inability to fall or stay asleep, handle stress, regulate elimination, boost immunity and even lower cholesterol.

Purchase top quality brands like Twinlab and Rainbow Light. Place a special order and receive vitamins within a few weeks and pay less.

Teas & Accessories

Covered tea cups work well at a desk. Beautiful flowering tea blossoms in our glass tea pot; a perfect conversational piece served after dinner. Tea balls are available for loose leaf tea.

Salt Rock Lamps Soy Candles
Heated Himalayan salt rocks help ionize the air. Just plug in and improve the air quality in your entire room. Makes a cool looking night light!

Aromatherapy scented candles naturally burn clean and slow.

Aromatherapy Market
We sell pure essential oils. Each oil has its own unique fragrance and offers diverse healing properties. Create your own personalized massage oil. We can prepare it for you. Diffuse fragrant essential oils for a wonderfully scented room that can positively affect your mood!

Essential Oils
Basil | Cedarwood Atlas | Clary Sage | Clove Bud Cypress Eucalyptus | Geranium | Ginger Grapefruit | Lavender Lemon | Lemongrass Marjoram | Nutmeg | Patchouli Peppermint Rosemary | Sweet Orange | Tea Tree

Base Oils

Avocado | Evening Primrose | Grapeseed Jojoba | Sweet Almond Oil

Deodorant Stones Pain Relief Products
Naturally avoid body odor without dangerously clogging pores.

Relieve pain without harming your kidneys and liver. Just rub Biofreeze, Sombra, or Prossage onto sore muscles and feel instantly better! Try Arnica or Recovery Rub for more gradual healing.

Fomentek Bags Body Butter
Our infamous heat bag comfortably cushions and soothes aches and pains on contact. Treat rough dry, callused or cracked skin with our own homemade body butter based in shea nut butter.
Natural Soaps & Lotions Plus More...

Avalon Organics soaps and lotions naturally leave your skin feeling clean and smooth. Caribbean Bay Rum makes an ideal aftershave.

Neck wraps, massage tools, hot packs, skin brushes, exfoliates, relaxations CD’s, incense, pendulums, diva cups (for women), etc…

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