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Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Therapy
Fancy footwork by the therapist allows you to enjoy a heavier dose of massage therapy. This bodywork is performed at a deeper level for those who desire more pressure. Deep feet massage loosens lower back, buttocks and tight leg muscles like none other. **Add $10/session
Relaxation Massage
Instant stress reliever! Light and flowing effleurage strokes induce relaxation, increase circulation, and gently soothe aches and pains.
person getting back massage

Deep Tissue Massage
woman getting deep tissue massage
Invigorating deep-tissue massage relaxes rigid muscles and helps release knots. Firm pressure and friction is used to soften taut muscles. Passive stretching and trigger point therapy increase range of motion in joints. **Add $10/session

Emotionally and spiritually healing. Performed over clothing, Reiki induces a deep trance-like state for optimal healing. Balance your chakras and align your energy field.
woman getting her face massaged
Allow 60 Minutes

Hot Stone Massage
Like it hot? Melt away stress and tension instantly with our hot lava rocks. Heated basalt stones deeply penetrate and luxuriously detoxify and relax muscles.

woman getting hot stone massage
**Add $20/session
Prenatal Massage
pregnant woman getting stomach massaged
Massage is a safe and effective way to naturally relieve stress and pamper new mothers. Proper cushioning is used to comfortably accommodate the expecting mother and baby.

Chair Massage
Chair massage helps relieve tense backs, stiff necks and overworked shoulders and arms. This massage is given over your clothes.
man getting shoulders massaged
Schedule on-site chair massage sessions at your location and our licensed massage therapists equipped with massage chairs will rejuvenate your team one-by-one.

Stimulating acupoints on your feet will help release tension in your entire body. It feels great on sore, tired feet while relaxing your whole body and calming your mind.
reflexology massage performed on a foot
Aromatherapy Massage **Add $5/session
Topically treat yourself with the healing scents of our essential oils.

Formentek Moist Heat Bag **Add $5/session
Our famous hot water bag rests comfortably under your back, instantly warming and relaxing tense muscles, while you lay on the massage table.

Parafin Wax **Add $20/session
Treat your hands and/or feet to the warm, healing benefits of parafin. Softens rough, callused skin.
Jojoba Massage **Add $5/session
Dry, scaly, winter skin? Rich, thick golden jojoba oil nourishes skin at its deepest layers. Moisturizing!
Massage Fees

30 minutes............$50

45 minutes............$65

60 minutes............$80

90 minutes............$130

Massage Packages
  3 pkg 6 pkg 12 pkg
30 min $145 $280 $540
45 min $190 $370 $695
60 min $230 $450 $860
90 min $370 $720 $1390

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